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If you have seen Circumnavigator magazine or heard of West Marine Trawler Fest in its glory days, then you've had a preliminary introduction to the team at Water World International.

We are people who love publishing magazines and producing sites and events as much as we love being out on the water.

Our team is headed by Georgs Kolesnikovs, editor and publisher of Circumnavigator since 2003, and founder of West Marine Trawler Fest which he directed and owned from 1996 to 2002.

Georgs is a lifelong journalist who also serves as editor and publisher of Glory Road, a Harley-Davidson magazine. Before Power Cruising magazine ceased publication, he was its field editor.

Although Georgs has been messing about in trawlers since the early 1990s, his sailing background is in multihulls. In the 1980s, he promoted the first professional speedsailing races in California. In 1989, he set the sailing speed record from New York to San Francisco via Cape Horn with his trimaran Great American.

Water World International of Amherst, NY is the U.S. arm of Water World Productions of Pickering, Ontario.


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