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Rules of Conduct for T&T List

Trawlers & Trawlering List (T&T List) has a limited set of rules that all subscribers must follow.

Other Internet mailing lists have disintegrated into squabbling messes when political, religious or off-topic posts have clogged those lists and flame-wars have over-shadowed their purposes.

T&T List has avoided these pitfalls by asking subscribers to comply with a simple set of rules. By so doing, the T&T List has remained an open and friendly place for trawler crawlers to hang out on the Net and share information.

The following items are prohibited on the T&T List:

  1. Material that does not pertain to voyaging, cruising and living aboard motor vessels.
  2. Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation.
  3. Attachments of any type or size.
  4. Material which libels, defames, abuses or threatens others, or is inflammatory.
  5. Statements that are bigoted, hateful or racially offensive.
  6. Messages that advocate illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them.
  7. Material that contains vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images.
  8. Unauthorized copyrighted material.
  9. Harvesting of subscriber e-mail addresses for any purpose.


When posting to any of the Trawlers & Trawlering lists, remember to follow common Network Etiquette (Netiquette). A great site to review Netiquette conventions is NetManners.

In keeping with the above prohibitions, here are guidelines for using the List:

On-Topic Posts Only  – The T&T List provides a forum for discussing voyaging, cruising and living aboard under power. Posts to the List should be restricted to these topics. If your post doesn’t deal with List topics, please don’t post it.

Responses By Private E-Mail – The T&T List is deliberately set up so that if you click the "reply" button to send a reply to a post, the reply is addressed to the original poster, and not to the entire list. Only substitute the list address if you believe your reply will be of genuine interest to 2,100+ subscribers. Bear in mind that T&T List is not a chat room.

Add A Descriptive Subject Line – Make sure you add a descriptive subject line to your post. If replying to a prior post but changing the topic of the thread, please change the subject line too. This is especially important for subscribers who get the daily digest. However, if you are replying to the same subject or thread, keep the same subject line; this helps those who are trying to follow the discussion.

Snip Your Replies – When replying to another post, only include the bare minimum text of the last post (if any at all) to set the context of your reply. Every reply post requires some degree of snipping (i.e., trimming). We want to read want you want to say, not a second printing of the prior post. Never include the full text of a daily digest!

Meaningful Posts Only – Please hold the one-liners or send them only to the subscriber to whom you're actually responding. The “me too” and “I agree” posts add nothing to the discussion and should be restricted  to private mail. With more than 1,200 messages per month posting to the T&T List, it is important to avoid messages that do not contribute anything.  Before hitting the Send button, listees should review whether their proposed post really needs to go to all subscribers, should be sent by private e-mail instead, or doesn't really need to be send at all–and act accordingly!

No Personal Attacks or Flames – Nothing will destroy a list faster than a flame war or personal bickering. Always be polite in dealing with other list subscribers, even if you disagree with them. Never attack someone publicly on the list.

Keep Political and Religious Issues Off The List – Political or religious discussion are not acceptable on the lists at any time. With more than 2,100 subscribers in more than 20 countries, the T&T List membership spans the ethnic, political and religious spectrum. All subscribers are entitled to hold their own political and religious beliefs, but should NEVER use the lists to advocate those beliefs with other posters. Our uniting factor on the lists is our love of trawlering, and posts should stay on that topic.

Commercial Use of the List is Prohibited

• The lists are a commercial-free forum for the personal use of private individuals. Commercial-free means no posts that advertise a service or product or solicit business, and no for-sale, for-charter, or want-to-buy messages. You risk being removed from the List if you ignore the ban. If you have something to sell, use the free service available via Trawler Buy-Sell-Trade.

• Members of the marine trade and folks who work in boating are welcome to join and contribute to the lists, as long as they do not promote their business or solicit customers. A line in a signature block to identify a business affiliation or website is acceptable. We have a number of maritime professionals on the lists, and we benefit greatly from their in-depth experience. If in doubt whether a proposed post is acceptable, contact the Listmeister.

Identify Yourself – Posters are expected to sign their posts with their name. Adding your boat type and location to your signature block can also help others to get to know you. Please avoid long signature blocks (no more than six lines in length).

Please Don’t Cross Post – That is, don’t send the same post to multiple lists. Pick the list you think it is appropriate and send it there. The list software automatically checks the addresses of incoming posts and will block a message that is addressed to multiple lists.

Private E-Mails in Public Posts – Do not post to the List the contents of private e-mails you have received from others unless you have the permission of the original author.

Don't Block E-Mailed Replies – If you post to the lists, you must be able to receive replies from other listees, so be sure you don't have a SPAM blocker set to reject e-mails. If you use a SPAM blocker that only accepts mail from addresses on a white list, either turn it off, or please don't post to the List.

No ‘For Sale’ Posts on T&T –  The T&T List and its sister forums – Great Loop, Passagemaking Under Power, and Power Catamaran – are are not the place for posts that offer to buy or sell boats or equipment. Water World Productions maintains a separate Buy-Sell-Trade List where these posts are welcome.

Copyright Protected Material – Any copyrighted work (e.g., a newspaper clipping or text from another web site) may not be posted without explicit permission of the copyright owner. The easiest way to deal with copyright material is to just provide a link to the original so other list readers can find it.

List Administration

Self-Policing  – The lists are to a great degree self-administered. The T&T lists are not moderated lists, i.e., posts are not reviewed by a moderator before they are published. We ask list subscribers to control their own actions to ensure compliance with these rules. We encourage subscribers who do see a post that crosses the line, to privately and politely write the poster to remind them of the rules. Please remember the old management adage: praise in public, but correct in private!

The List Admin Team  –  The T&T List was started in 1997 by Georgs Kolesnikovs of Water World Productions who still hosts it today. The day to day operation of the T&T family of lists is handled by a small group of volunteers on the List Admin Team headed up by Listmeister Bob McLeran. These are the people who work behind the scene to keep things running smoothly, and resolve problems when they do crop up. This can be a tough job, balancing the needs of the 2,100+ subscribers of the T&T List against the problems that occasionally pop up. If you have a question or need help with any administrative issues on the lists, feel free to contact Bob or any of his helpers via private e-mail. The list of the Admin Team members can be found on the bottom of this page.

Message Filters – The list software implements a limited set of filters that are used by the list Admin Team to catch inappropriate posts. Occasionally a valid post is also stopped by the filters until a member of the Admin Team can get to review and clear it. If this happens to one of your posts, you will get an automatic message from the list server telling you the post is being held for review. Please don’t be upset by this. Someone will get to it shortly and either release it to the list if it was an accidental catch, or will get back to you if there was indeed an issue with the message.

Administrative Matters – E-mails attempting to unsubscribe or asking administrative questions (for example, how to subscribe to the digest version of a list, or how to change the email address to which the list is sent) should be sent to anyone on the Administrative Team or the List Owner; please do not post such emails to the list itself.

Monthly Subscription Reminder – List software automatically sends an e-mail to every subscriber on midnight of the first of each month. This e-mail contains information about all of your list subscriptions from one e-mail address, along with the password for each list, as well as how to access your personal administrative page to change your subscription status or configuration, including unsubscribing, setting digest-style delivery or disabling delivery altogether (e.g., for a vacation), and so on. Please keep the most recent edition of the monthly reminder for a handy reference.

Enforcement of the List Rules      

Always keep in mind that your countrymen are freemen, and, as such, are impatient of everything that bears the least mark of a domineering spirit . . . Endeavor to overcome difficulties by a cool and temperate perseverance in duty–by skill and moderation, rather than by vehemence or violence.

–Alexander Hamilton, writing to the
fledgling U.S. Revenue Marine in 1791

Admin Team Private Notes – We are all human, and sometimes forget and inadvertently make a post that may bump against one of the rules. In these cases, the Admin Team may send a private note to the poster to remind them of the rule and to request cooperation in adhering to the rules in the future. If you receive one of these notes, please don't be upset. We are just sending you a reminder and asking your help in keeping the list the friendly boating forum it has been for years. If you have a question about the note, by all means write back to the Admin Team asking for clarification.

Moderated Status – In those few cases when a flame-war erupts or where a subscriber indicates he or she will not abide by the rules (it's rare, but it occasionally happens), the Admin Team may take the unusual step of temporarily putting that subscriber (or subscribers, in the case of a flame-war) into a moderated status. Moderated status is rarely used, and then, normally just while a problem is being worked out. In moderated status, the subscriber still receive all e-mail from the list, and can still post to the list, but their posts are held for review before getting published. When a  subscriber in moderated status sends a post, they will automatically get a note back from the list server telling them the post is being held. No one else on the list sees any indication that the subscriber is in moderated status. When the post is released for publication, it appears on the list just like any normal post.

The List Admin Team

 The members of the T&T List Admin Team are: 

Trawlers & Trawlering List Administrator:
Bob McLeran               rmcleran at gmail. com
Trawlers & Trawlering List Assistant Administrator:
Kevin Redden              kfredden at verizon. net
Great Loop List Administrator:
Bill Donovan               trailersource at mindspring. com
Passagemaking Under Power (TM) List Administrator:
Alan Wagner               wagner.florida at verizon. net
Trawler Buy-Sell-Trade List Administrator:
Steve Dubnoff             sdubnoff at circlesys. com
Power Catamaran List Administrator:
Georgs Kolesnikovs     
T&T How To Subscribe & Unsubscribe:
John Ford                     
T&T Virus & Urban Legend Czar: 
Mike Eedy                    meedy at sympatico. ca
T&T Archive Explorer and Guide:
Steve Dubnoff               sdubnoff at circlesys. com
T&T Configuring Computer/Email: 
Dave Ross                     ross at prabiz. com
Commercial Prohibition:
Georgs Kolesnikovs      
Mark Richter                Richter-Pooh at rocketmail. com
List Founder & Sponsor:
Georgs Kolesnikovs      

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