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Infinity: Nordhavn 62 #18
Andy & Julie Nemier purchased Infinity in November 2012 and headed south a year later, for places unknown. Hoping to evenutally circumnavigate, follow along on their interactive map as they do a Pacific Cruise to Hawaii.

Beach House: Marine Trader 34
Long time sailors Susan and Chuck with thousands of miles under their belts, are now able to explore the inland lakes and rivers with their 1980 Marine Trader, Beach House.

Miss Diane: CHB Europa 42
Follow the journey on the blog of Mike and Diane and restorations on their recently purchased 42 CHB Europa, Miss Diane.

Nordic Quest: Nordic Tug 42
The site is dedicated to seeking adventure and exploring the wonders of Southeast Alaska

Morning Star: Krogen 36 Manatee
Trip logs, photos and information on Morning Stars journeys including Florida Keys, Chesapeake Bay, Maine and much more.


Boats and owners, large and small

Here’s an ever expanding inventory of sites created by individual boat owners about their boats and their boating.

The list is organized alphabetically by boat name. There are a few sailboat sites included simply because they are so informative or entertaining.

The list was begun for Trawlers & Trawlering by Alan Wagner of Tampa, Florida. His dream ship, a 53-foot Kasten-design that was to be named Passage of Time, was destroyed in a fire during construction.

If you have a suggestion for a personal boat site we should review and add, please send the URL to Trawlers & Trawlering.

Personal boat sites

Akama: Krogen 48 Whaleback
Maurice and Louise-Ann Nunas are cruising the Pacific with their Kadey Whaleback, Akama. Follow their travels and explore their website that details their retirement journey.

Alyeska: Custom design by Greg Marshall
The continuing adventures of David, Carol, Lenni, from their home base in Ketchikan, Alaska. Enjoy the logs and pictures of their adventures.

Annabel Lee: Cheoy Lee 32
A blog about boating and a broad range of other topics maintained by CE Grundler who owns a 1977 Cheoy Lee 32 that she restored in Northeast New Jersey.

Bluewater: Nordhavn 47 #32
Milt and Judy Baker's each have over 50,000 miles of cruising, both having been licensed U.S. Coast Guard captains for about two decades. After Milt left a career as a U.S. Navy officer, he and Judy founded Bluewater Books & Charts, which became America's largest seller of nautical books and paper and electronic charts during the 15 years they owned and managed it. Now cruising fulltime on their Nordhavn 47, Bluewater, their website aims to provide one couple's perspective on building, outfitting, commissioning and cruising a Nordhavn full-displacement trawler yacht.

Bobbin Along: Trailer Trawler 24
After two years of restoration, Bob Clinkenbeard's, Bobbin Along, a Glen L Marine trailerable trawler is ready for shakedown in Jacksonville, Florida

Candide: Hans Christian 38 Traditional
Robert Doty has sailed extensively and his website has a wealth of tips on living aboard and remaining sane! As he puts it: “If you happen to live in the Jacksonville, Florida area and would like to stop by to see first-hand what it's like to live on a sailboat, please ask for an invitation to visit!”

Choices: Silverton 41 Motoryacht
Kathy and Richard Armstrong present logs and photos of cruising North America in their 41 foot aft-cabin Silverton Motoryacht.

Dahlfin II: Columbia 10.7
Where in the world is Dahlfin? Great Loop, Bahamas, Great lakes, Trinidad, Bahamas, Lesser Antilles, Venezuela? Check the latest update to find out.

Dreamer: American Marine Alaskan 45
Bob and Kathy always dreamed and planned for extended cruising in southern waters of the west coast and Mexico and referred to it as their "Grand Adventure." In 1999, they sold Oak Harbor Boat Works and started turning their dream into reality. Dreamer, acquired in 1984, is one of only eight of 45-foot Alaskans built.

Esper: Oyster 435
London-based internet consultant Jamie Furlong and his girl friend, Liz Cleere, gave it all up to follow their dream. They have chronicled their sailing adventures throughout the Mediterranean and across the Atlantic on their 43-foot Oyster, Esper. What a trip that has not yet ended!

Expedition Yachts
Thorwald Westmaas explains everything you need to know about converting Great North Sea trawlers into expedition yachts.

Francesca: Marine Trader 44
Since retiring in 1997, Joan and Ben Schuetz have lived full-time aboard Francesca, their 1979 Marine Trader 44, and cruised extensively throughout the Bahamas, Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. They are authors of
Extended Power Cruising.

Gilana: Trintella 53
When Liz was 10 years old, her parents took off from Cape Town South Africa in May 1999 to explore the world in their steel sailboat. The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, they have been to the far reaches of the globe. Relive their exploits.

Grace: Mainship 400
Bob and Christine Davis began their Great Loop trip in 2004 on their Mainship, Grace. Their site is dedicated to good times together and with family and friends and to the glory of God.

Halcyon: C-Dory 22
Join El and Bill Fiero as they take their 22-foot C-Dory, Halcyon, across and around the U.S. exploring every state with interesting water resources and as far a Thailand. Enjoy their journey and extensive photographs along the way.

Heart of Gold: Jefferson 48 Cockpit Motor Yacht
Greg and Jane Bowers intend to spend some of their retirement years cruising, meeting new people and having new experiences, but while the kids are still in college, they will enjoy taking her south for the winter and back to Lake Michigan for the summer.

Houseboats in Holland
About 2,500 families live in the waters of Amsterdam on unique houseboats, about 750 of which are moored within the 17th century canal system of downtown Amsterdam. Explore a different and eclectic liveaboard community. If you travel to Amsterdam, you can experience the on-water culture first hand.

Ijsselstroom: Cargo ship converted to houseboat
The Ijsselstroom is a cargo ship built in 1912 in The Hague, the Netherlands. This ship was made for weekly cargo delivery services along the canals and waterways and has been converted to a houseboat.

Interlude: Hatteras 70
Jan and Bill Haueisen completed a 7,500-mile Great Loop adventure during 1999. Their site was one of the first and still one of the best personal boat sites on the Web.

Kismet: Fathom 40
Jim and Lisa Favors completed the Great Loop for the first time in 2006 aboard Kismet. Currently on a two year plan aboard the new Kismet, a Fathom 40, they plan to complete the loop for a second time. They have also written a book about the reflections of many loopers.

Kosmos: Nordhavn 43 #18
Christi and Eric Grab, who were married in 2003, have a plan, the Kosmos Plan. Kosmos is Greek for world. It is the name of their new Nordhavn 43 and describes the scope of their travel ambitions. Starting in 2007, Christi and Eric plan to travel the world for two years. See how they are progressing.

Lifeline: Converted Bass Strait Cray 49
Sue and Philip Goodrick are Aussie ex-sailors who are now cruising South East Asia aboard the motor vessel, Lifeline, which they converted from a Bass Strait cray fishing boat. They have been living aboard and travelling for over six years.

Magnolia: Gulfstar 44
Bill Deitrich retired in 2001 and started exploring the Carribean in Magnolia, his 44-foot Gulfstar sailboat. His extensive website details all aspects of cruising and living aboard.

Mer Sea: American Tug 34
Follow the journals of Roy and Leslie in Mer Sea, their 34' American Tug, to some of their destinations such as Florida, New York, and Canada, just to name a few.

Nereid: Willard 47 Dover pilothouse cruiser
Steve Dubnoff and Marian Lowe bought their 47-foot Willard in 2003, promptly changed its name to Nereid, and began cruising in the Pacific Northwest. Nereid has a fiberglass hull and a wooden superstructure and is one of only four of this model built. In Greek mythology, the Nereids were the 50 beautiful daughters of Nereus, a sea god known as the Old Man of the Sea, and Doris, an ocean nymph. Their name means “wet ones” The golden-haired nymphs dwelt in the Mediterranean Sea, where they each had a golden throne in their father's underwater palace. They often frolicked on the surface of the water, where they rode on dolphins and were friendly toward sailers, dancing and playing for them, and helping them if they were in distress.

Pine Knot: Kadey-Krogen 44
A weblog by Kelton Ogletree with photos by wife Louisia and their adventures on Pine Knot, a Kadey-Krogen 44.

Sadie B: Albin 27
Dennis and Esther Bruckel are long-time cruisers who have traveled the Great Loop and explored many other inland and coastal waterways of the United States. They have left more than 40,000 miles in the wake of Sadie B, their 27-foot Albin Family Cruiser. Their motto: The smaller the boat, the bigger the adventure.

Salt ’n Light: Krogen 48 North Sea
Native North Carolinians, Mike and Patti Malpass, developed a computerized trip log for Krogen 48's. The prototype is available free to other Krogen owners in exchange for feedback.

Sanderling: DeFever 41
Bob McLeran and Judy Young have cruised the east coast of the US from the Dry Tortugas to New Brunswick, Canada, as well as the Hudson River, Erie Canal, Lake Ontario, the inland Canadian canals, and Lake Champlain. Follow their continuing adventures on Sanderling, a DeFever 41 aft-cabin trawler.

Sea Knight: Camano 28
Tom and Gerry Clare are planning on downsizing after 16,000 miles of cruising over the last 4 1/2 years including the Great Loop.

Sereia: Mariner 36 Ketch
Peter and Antonia Murphy are on their way around the world, having started in October 2005. Youthful exuberance oozes from their website. Take a look. You won’t believe the paint job or the video of the project! Peter is Captain and Antonia is the First Mate and Galley Goddess of Sereia, affectionately known as Rei-Rei. As Antonia has spent much of her life cooking professionally, it is apparent that the meals on Rei-Rei are a delight. You can enjoy the recipes from the site.

Sterling III: Morgan 36 Heritage
Capt Sterling cruises Florida and the Bahamas from Key Largo, Florida.

Tortuga: American Marine Alaskan 49 Hull #6
Jim Williams is a retired U.S. Navy lieutenant commander (Mustang) restoring Tortuga, a 1971 Alaskan trawler.

Tug 44: American Tug 34
The information-packed site offers a pictorial cruise log on the Erie Canal, Champlain Canal and the Hudson River as well as construction photos of Tug 44, an American Tug 34.

Wandering Star II: Selene 43
Cruising for two years from Alaska to Maine and currently in St. Kitts, Leeward Islands, Caribbean, follow along with Adrian and Joanne's travel log.

Whoosh: Pearson 424 Ketch #69
Jack and Patricia Tyler returned from a 2000-2002 cruise through the Caribbean and then decided to voyage to Europe. Their cruising is a delightful read of fun and adventure.

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